Residential Duct Repair

Sometimes, the duct system needs repaired due to improper previous installation, rodent damage, age or code violations. On average, Duct Repair costs between $150 and $450 with an average of $250. Data is per-unit costs and includes Labor, Materials, and our A+ Warranty.

Can I postpone Duct Repair?

Up to 30 - 40% of your Heating and Cooling energy can be lost through leaking return or supply duct systems. Although your air conditioning system may continue to work it will have diminished effectiveness. If you wait too long, your HVAC unit could overheat and burn out for good, thus forcing you to repair or replace it.

Why A Plus Comfort?

We have Excellent online ratings and reviews from other customers and look forward to serving your Heating and Cooling system Service needs. We offer Duct System evaluations with each Free Estimate.