Residential HVAC Repair

On average, Heating and Cooling repair costs $250 in Huntsville Alabama with most of our customers spending between $150 and $450. This data is based on actual per unit costs and includes Labor, Materials, and our A+ Warranty protection.

What are the signs I need an AC repair?

  • Unfamiliar noises
  • Not Heating or Cooling Properly
  • Runs Continuously
  • High Utility Bill
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Increased indoor Humidity

Can I postpone a repair?

Although your air conditioning system may continue to work even if it is making strange noises and even if it has diminished effectiveness, that is not a reason to put off getting it repaired or serviced. If you wait too long, it could overheat and burn out for good, thus forcing you to replace it.

Why A Plus Comfort?

We have Excellent online ratings and reviews from other customers and look forward to serving your Heating and Cooling system Service needs. A Plus Comfort is a competent service provider and has the experience to quickly perform Your repairs.