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We find our customers highly valuable and therefore we want to guarantee the best service possible. Our goal is to provide our heating and air conditioning customers in Greater Huntsville and Northern Alabama with high quality and affordable HVAC services and products that you can rely on for years to come. We are dedicated, dependable, friendly and knowledgeable and are focused on customer care.

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We just bought a home built in the late 50's with the original duct worK. It had a lot of leaks and was filthy in general. A+ put in a whole new redesigned system. It's air tight, clean, and built to last. They also installed a new furnace which warms our house efficiently. They were able to get it all done quickly and I'm very pleased with their work. Thanks for a job well done!

Chris H.

Arriving at our new rental house I decided to turn on the heat just to find smoke pouring out of the vents. A+ arrived promptly and diagnosed the problem as a bad capacitor, dirty blower fan and all duct-work had been chewed through by rats. They rapidly repaired everything over the weekend at a great price. I've never been more impressed with a business's work ethic and dedication. I went up and checked out the quality of the work, everything was clean. They left no mess. I've never lived anywhere that responded as rapidly to the unit turning on. I keep an indoor thermometer and the last place I lived had a temperature swing of 6-8 degrees. After A-Plus repaired and service my HVAC system it's a 2 degree swing and never drops below my set thermostat temperature. Cannot recommend them enough!

Wes Tabor

Happy Customer

Great work and I highly recommend A+. I’m a single mother and they didn’t try to rip me off. I am always hesitant to deal with mechanics and HVAC companies. A+ was recommended to me and they really do care about their customers and doing only what is needed. My unit was down and they brought me emergency cooling unit while they repaired mine. Get a quote from them – you will be happy with their work.

Juanita J.


I had been on a service contract with another company and trusted they were keeping my unit clean only to discover they were not. A+ came out and cleaned my unit and ductwork and what a BIG difference with my air quality. When I need a new unit I will definitely be calling A+. The tech explained and showed me the problems with my system due to improper and regular cleaning. I never realized the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance. It is like a car – if you don’t keep it maintained it won’t run.

J. Thompson


GREAT Prices and GREAT customer Service. They cleaned my unit and replaced a capacitor- should be ready to go a while longer. I was afraid I needed a new unit but they got me going for a while longer. Yes, they are A+. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Steve P.


We discovered our previous HVAC contractor had installed a unit too large; therefore, we were paying extra utility cost and poor air quality. A+ did a heat load calculation and the proper size unit was chosen and installed. They did a superb job and I highly recommend them. I will DEFINITELY use them for all my HVAC needs.


Great Job!!!!!!! I’m very pleased with their service.

Roger Jolley