In Need of Commercial HVAC Repair? 3 Signs to Look At

An efficient HVAC system is an important part of your commercial building. Regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to have the HVAC working productively throughout the year. However, if you are falling behind on maintenance, you could be experiencing certain issues with your HVAC system.

We have gathered certain signs that you must keep a close watch on and call a professional for repairs immediately; if you overlook these, you could experience a major breakdown or malfunction.

Improper Heating or Cooling

One of the clearest signs of HVAC repair is that it stops heating or cooling efficiently. The HVAC system should correspond to the thermostat settings that have been set for your commercial building.

If the temperature is not according to the settings, then an inspection must be conducted. The problem could be dirt buildup in the vents and units or equipment malfunction.

If the HVAC is providing more heating or cooling than required, there could be a problem with the thermostat.

Strange Noises or Smell

Sounds coming from the HVAC system is quite normal when the system is turned on and constant low hum of the air moving through air vents. But if you hear any other strange sounds like dripping, banging, kittling, or buzzing, then it means that the system needs a professional repair.

Any strange smell should not be ignored as well. Foul odors could indicate mold or mildew, and would require cleaning of the air ducts. If there is any burning smell coming from the system, it indicates overheating of the wiring system. This should be addressed immediately, to prevent an electrical fire in the workplace.

High Electricity Bills

Seasonal changes in the electricity bills are quite common in residential and commercial buildings, but if you as a business owner experience any sudden increase in the bills, your HVAC could be at fault. HVAC systems are the highest electricity consumer in any building, and consume almost 15% of the electricity.

When the HVAC is under stress, because of dirt buildup or equipment malfunction, it consumes even more electricity to keep up its performance.

Scheduling regular maintenance checks on you HVAC system prevents a lot of problems from occurring and prolongs the life of your HVAC system.

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