Why Regular Air Duct Cleaning Is Crucial

Fact: a single duct in your home accumulates up to 6 pounds of dust per year.

You may feel the air in your home is clean, but there are millions of tiny particles in the air we breathe. Dust, pollen, and pet hair make up these particles. When such particles make their way into your home’s HVAC system, problems begin to emerge.

The air ducts of your home require professional cleaning and maintenance to perform efficiently. Keeping these ducts free of contaminants reduces chances of clogs.

Why then is it so important to have air ducts cleaned?

Reduces the dust circulating inside the house


Regular air duct cleaning gets rid of the dust that would otherwise circulate through your home. Air duct cleaning makes a marked difference with the cleaning required inside the house. You will find yourself vacuuming the place less often with regular air duct cleaning.

Removes allergens and contaminants

Often the dust and dirt that collect inside air ducts contain contaminants and allergens. These form a layer in the system. When the air blows out, such allergens become airborne. Bacteria, pollen, mildew, mold, and spores can be toxic in nature. Breathing in such substances can negatively affect a person’s health.

Airborne allergens and contaminants can trigger respiratory problems and allergies. Regular air duct cleaning improves the quality of air in the house, promoting a healthier living.

Removes foul odors

Any odors in your home will find its way in the air ducts. Pet urine, cleaning agents, paint fumes and mold contribute to the stale odor found in air ducts. Whenever the air conditioning or heating is in use, these odors will repeatedly flow through the house.

Years of dust build-up in the vents can lead to a musty scent around the house too. A thorough cleaning of the duct system of your home can get rid of all such odors.

Improved airflow

Heavy dirt build-up can restrict the flow of air from your HVAC system. Your system will have to work in overdrive to produce the required heating and cooling. This puts pressure on the entire system and increases energy costs.

A system with clean air ducts will work efficiently. It will give you optimal temperature control, lower your utilities, and increase the life of your HVAC system.

Protect heating and cooling components

The dust and dirt build-up in your home can find its way into your air conditioning and central heating components. This can lead to clogged air conditioner coils, blower wheels, and other breakdowns. Reduce the probability of expensive repairs of your HVAC components with regular air duct cleaning.

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